People are saying how creepy it was for the Ouija board to point to Goodbye and I agree, but when I saw that, I thought maybe Miranda is saying “goodbye”, and maybe Caleb won’t be haunted anymore and that’s how they’ll end Ravenswood.

I think the clip of someone being arrested in the promo for the finale episode could be one of the liars dreaming. Its happened before when Aria dreamt of Ezra being arrested in school.
There could be a few reasons to why one of the liars could be dreaming this. Its quite clear that Aria is paranoid that the police are going to find out it was her who killed Shana, it could be her having the nightmare.
Or, it could be Spencer as she’s worried that the police know she has information on who killed Bethany.
I dont know, its just a theory. The promo never turns out to be how it is shown anyway.
An alternative theory is that someone is genuinely being arrested for the murder of the person who dies, but as murders normally happen at the end of the episode I dont think this will be the case.


huh, so here’s a guess about the summer finale.

mona’s the ~dead~ person, enough blood found in her room for holbrook to declare the homicide as shown in the promo.

in reality, mona set up the whole thing. she’s been drawing blood from herself over the past few weeks. evidence in favour of this include the fainting in 5.10 and the bandage on the crook of her elbow. 


Was I the only one really not liking the fact that they brought the supernatural Ravenswood/Ouija into Pll? I mean, pll is freaky, but not supernatural freaky.
I just thought it didn’t fit at all. They should’ve just let Caleb tell that Ravenswood was haunting him, not all the details. And absolutely NOT shown those fireflies etc

Can someone please explain what the last scene was all about with the yellow lights? (05x11)

I swear if PLL start bringing in Ravenswood’s haunted storyline i am so done. As if this show isn’t already unrealistic enough.

Proof wren is A #728299


Mrs. D gets Bethany a horse.
Wren was coloring in picture of happy family at horse stable. This signifies horses being an important aspect of their lives since childhood, something they grew up around and Bethany loved.

What better plot than a brother (Wren) getting revenge on the girl who should’ve been dead (Ali) instead of his dead sister (Bethany).


telling the cops the truth? there’s a thought that crossed NO ONE’S mind the last 4 seasons

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SPOILER Melissa Buried Bethany! I got the first picture from next weeks promo… Second picture was when we seen Melissa in Ali’s room that night. Same Dress. Same Belt. Melissa buried Bethany. Doesn’t mean she killed her.. but she did bury her.