Alison who?

I don’t know if anyone feels the same but from all the flashbacks that we have saw of Alison over the past 4 seasons I sort of had an idea to what type of person she was. Obviously how people talk about her too, I mean its obvious she used to be an absolute bitch. But now she’s came back it seems like this character that they’ve been building up as “Queen B” just isn’t there.

Also, she must know SO MUCH more than what she lets on, and another thing I cant believe is that the liars haven’t demanded all the answers out of her.

Now this all could be for the twin theory but apparently its not Alison with the twin (I don’t think its been 100% confirmed though). I thought she would come back all fierce and work with the liars a lot more to track A down. I know she’s trying to become a nicer person but I just don’t think her character is fitting in at the minute, which is crazy as the whole tv series did originally revolve around her, shes just not really doing much.

This may be a really unpopular opinion but Alison used to be my favourite character in the show but now I feel like her character has changed which in a way has made her kind of pointless/boring.


Can we all talk about Mona and Noel Kahn for five seconds?

Back when she was A, they dated. Maybe as a diversion, maybe it was something serious, maybe they were calculating A moves together, who knows. But they dated.

More recently, Noel has been seen working with Ali. Whenever she wants an…

Sydney and The Locker


While Emily was talking to Sydney I couldn’t help but notice that I recognized her locker.

At first I just thought it was the photo that she had covered with a beach ball. I knew that photo, and I was sure I knew who it was.

That sure looked like the photo of Emily that we have seen a few…

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This is what Pretty Little Liars is all about Hahaha
Hierarchy of -A


It is hard to keep track who is who in Rosewood! With all the teams and gangs and tormentors out there. I thought I would try to make sense of it all. So here are the FACTS.

-There is the -A team, red coat, black veil, and uber -A (some of these identities may be the same person in different…


does anyone else think bethany young’s drawing ability is quite similar to our favorite brit wren? 

The night Jessica Dilaurentis was killed.

From reading the PLL wiki it does confirm that Jessica was killed the same night Ali and the girls where in New York and the same night that Cece, Melissa, Jessica and Spencers mum and dad spent at the police station. But in the latest episode (05x05) Veronica tells Spencer that Peter and Melissa told her they where in a diner and not in Rosewood (which she believed but was a lie). But how could they have been in a diner? They were in the police station the whole night. Also, i understand that they could of gone after they had left the police station but in reality who would go to a diner out of town that late of night when their daughter/sister is missing. Now as we know the whole diner story was a lie anyway, but the idea of them leaving Veronica doesn’t make sense. They where in the police station the night she was murdered. Is this a timeline error from the producers or am i completely missing something?